Friday, May 29, 2009

Veal Be Back

After a brief attempt to get a drink in our neighborhood the cloud cover overhead forced us back home where I threw together a very quick meal from some leftovers and new ingredients. I knew we'd return home, just not as early as we did.

I made a quick salad with prosciutto, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. It was pretty good except the prosciutto was of the quality one might consider acceptable for pet consumption but not generally for that of bipedal mammals.

I had some veal from Provitello Farms in Elba, New York. Check out the website if you like to look at adorable little calves. Nothing makes a better dessert than a nicely presented plate of guilt. I rolled the veal with some some Jersey Fresh asparagus from Patten Farms in Pilesgrove, New Jersey; Lioni Mozzarella from Brooklyn; and more of the crappy prosciutto from Gristedes because I forgot to get good prosciutto from a reputable grocery store.

The accompaniment was this White Truck which didn't really work super well but we had it in the fridge and were looking for something refreshing for the humidity level. I hate when wine people talk about how "explosive" a wine tastes or how it has "cherry notes" or "black pepper" but this wine actually tasted significantly like grapefruit. It actually tasted so much like grapefruit that I remarked on it before I read it off of the back label. I guess that means I'm either getting a more refined palette or I'm turning into a bigger jerk with old age.

Perhaps it is a combination of the two.

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Unknown said...

You mind says :( but your mouth says :). Then your mind says :( again. It's a vicious cycle.