Friday, May 22, 2009

Peel That Shrimp

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Tonight I got home pretty late and just had time to throw together this pasta before relaxing and watching the hockey game.

I used the leftover sauce from last night's monkfish along with some spaghetti, and shrimp from the freezer. I was disappointed to find out I'd accidentally purchased shrimp in the shells. Jen often tries to get me to purchase shell-on shrimp but I usually fight her tooth and nail because I am too lazy to peel shrimp. Much like cleaning monkfish, it's one of those kitchen tasks I'd rather not do.

Perhaps it is from years of having to do menial prep work. When you have to peel and devein 50 pounds of shrimp you grow to hate the task. I must say, peeling six shrimp tonight was not that bad.

If it weren't for Jen's crippling fear of having strangers touch her clothes I would send out my laundry to be cleaned rather than clean it myself. I don't even much care if a stranger lost my clothes so long as it saved me from having to fold some shirts.

Ah, priorities.

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