Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinner For Tiny Little Babies!

It was a chilly day here in the big city. It was so chilly that I didn't leave the house all day! It's the same tactic I use on hot days and rainy days.

And breezy days. And temperate days.

I made a boring salad then decided to (for reasons unknown) cram about three separate courses onto one plate for dinner. I marinated some salmon in garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper which I served with blanched, sauteed pattypan squash and baby cauliflower. I also made a baby beet goat cheese stack and some lemon artichoke, asparagus ravioli which I inexpertly piled on top of the salmon. While it may not be a standard plate presentation it was a pretty good meal. The baby squash and cauliflower were all from upstate New York. The rest of the meal? It's anyone's guess.

Being that it is Spring it was primarily baby vegetables for dinner. You may think it cruel that we murdered all these vegetables in their infancy but we wouldn't have done it if we hadn't thought it would make a delicious meal.

For wine we had a bottle that we picked up recently from a vineyard about two hours north of here. We recognized it because we'd visited this vineyard a few summers ago. I just like it because the varietal is tocai friulano which is as fun to say as it is impossible to remember. Go ahead an ask me in an hour what it's called. I usually something along the lines of: "Toscalali Froo Froo."

After dinner we went to the ice cream truck on the corner and got a pineapple sundae. Jen was upset because of the inclusion of jimmies (sprinkles to some people) but was delighted because we got to come home and watch playoff hockey. Jen thinks that pineapple sundaes and playoff hockey go together like peas an carrots though she prefers if the sundae is from Dairy Queen. Personally, I prefer the truck in our neighborhood that also sells Sabrina the Teenage Witch frozen treats.

C'mon, you've got to admit it: that's nice!

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