Monday, May 11, 2009

Fiddlehead Pizza

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We're leaving town on Friday morning so this week is dedicated to cleaning out our fridge and minimizing any food that will need to be thrown away. However, the real challenge this week is to make meals that are not just milk, eggs, and bread.

First off was tackling the baby beets. Combined with the now middle-aged salad greens and a little feta cheese and a some lemon juice from a lemon half that may be eligible to start collecting Social Security.

There have been some fiddleheads in the fridge for a few days. Since they will likely be the last of the season I wanted to use them up tonight. I laid out some pizza dough, topped it with ricotta then topped it with the fiddleheads and some grated Gruyère over the top. Twelve minutes at 425 degrees on the pizza stone was all it took. I got this recipe from an ancient Roman cookbook. As the legend goes this is what Nero ate while Rome burned. It also goes well with playoff hockey.

We also went out to the ice cream truck. I got a Merlin Cone which is apparently an ice cream cone dipped in hard chocolate sauce to resemble a wizard's hat. The only difference was I've never seen a wizard sweat giant globs of vanilla ice cream from the cracks in his pointy hat.

Also, if I paid as much as $7.00 for a wizard's cap it had damn well better give me the ability to control magic for real.

* While supplies last**.
** There are no supplies.


uberlours said...

Following your blog is one thing, following your blog about fiddleheads is quite another. I will say though that there is not a lot of fiddlehead pizza sold in the Maritimes.
Most of the Italian immigration to canada settled in Quebec and Ontario, apparently depriving Maritimers of the oppotunity to enjoy a fiddlehead pizza.

You must go to The Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen

I hear that they do a superior waffle!

Lisa Marie said...

Smoked meat sandwich restaurants make excellent waffles. They should advertise that fact more.