Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Prime Time For Swine Time

After a busy weekend it's nice to return home and find your wife hard at work on the family plot, her hands permanently stained with the dirt of a good day's work on the farm, and the table filled with delicious baked goods.

While I was away at work Jen took the liberty of harvesting our garden AeroGarden. I guess the three tiny human-hair-sized strands of chive were not worth keeping. However, we do have a quarter teaspoon's worth of thyme that may make a lovely addition to a tiny pot roast some day.

Jen started our next batch in the garden with some mint, parsley, and oregano. By September we're gonna have another few pinky-sized strands of herbs, enough to make a bouquet garni for some Smurfs.

For dinner: pork! I've been on a bit of a pork kick lately. Perhaps it is because I feel bad for pork farmers who are struggling because of all the morons who refuse to buy pork because they think they're going to get swine flu. Perhaps it is because it is delicious. Perhaps it is a little of both. My initial idea was to wrap the pork chop in bacon. I didn't abandon this idea because I thought it was over the top but rather because the frozen bacon snapped when I took it out of the freezer so instead I tossed in the strips to roast in the pan with some baby zucchini. I made a glaze with maple syrup and dijon and poured that over the roasted pork chop.

Oh, also, I cooked it all in one pan. Only amateurs need two pans.

While I was away Jen also made a lovely lemon cake (I should be away more often).

We had the lemon cake along with some vanilla yogurt and fresh blackberries. The cake was arguably her best, mixed to perfection -- light, flaky, and delicious.

I can't believe it's only 8:00PM as we wind down with some hot Boston sports action: Bruins vs. Hurricanes; Red Sox vs. Yankees. If I had the offer from some magical genie to replace the lemon cake with some hundred dollar bills and the Bruins game with a luxury yacht I think I would stick with what I've got.

Unless the yacht had some lemon cake in the fridge.


uberlours said...

Poor Boar. Why not just serve it boiled with mint sauce.

Jen's mother used to make a lovely lemon cake, but I think she stopped when she found out I like lemon cake.

On the plus side there are now 2 sons-in-law that like lemon, so maybe?????

Jen said...

No pity needed for the boar, it was outstanding.

I used Mum's recipe for the cake - it turned out nicely!

uberlours said...

But with maple syrup?

Better boiled with mint sauce!

caolan said...

I'm confused--is boiled with mint sauce being presented as the only and ideal way to eat pork, or as a pedestrian alternative to the even more pedestrian and horrible maple syrup idea?

I am not being mean! I just can't tell whether it is being suggested that Nate is messing with the best, or that he is not being imaginative enough! I feel that pork would be delicious with either method.

I just ate a lemon cupcake that had been in the freezer for 2 weeks. It was surprisingly good for a cupcake that had been in the freezer for 2 weeks, but not as good as that lemon cake looked!! Yum.

Jen said...

I think my dear old dad is suggesting that to sully a delicious piece of pork's natural essences by flavoring it with a maple reduction and mustard rub is a sin, and that one would be better served to boil it and serve it with mint sauce. (Mint sauce, dad? I thought that was exclusively the purvey of lamb?)

But my dad is incorrect. The delicious pork flavor was enhanced by both the maple reduction and the mustard rub, and if he had some of it he would rub his hands together in glee and devour it.

A lemon cupcake sounds good! There are many lemon treats to be made in honor of spring: lemon curd, lemon tarts, lemon meringue pie (without meringue, meringue is kinda gross), lemon cookies, lemon cake ...

uberlours said...

Obelix had no love for the Angles, Saxons or Jutes, because they boiled their wild boar and served with mint sauce.

Hence poor boar, boiled and served with mint sauce.

Boar with mustard would be delicious, with maple syrup, not so much.

And ketchup on hot dogs from a previous post!

Lisa Marie said...

Dad, Adam also enjoys lemon things. So three out of three on that front.

Jen said...

Ahhhh, I had forgotten that aspect of Asterix and Obelix -- well played, Dad.

But don't knock the maple reduction until you've tried it -- maple-smoked bacon is delicious, isn't it?

And, re: the hotdogs. I can't believe this is the same man who would cut up hot dogs, PRE-SQUIRT IN KETCHUP and then stir up our Kraft dinner and then wonder why his eldest daughter wouldn't eat it.

uberlours said...

Sure now I'm to blame for you putting ketchup on hot dogs.

But I willing admit that by far the best feature of Kraft Dinner is ketchup. Probably more nutrients too!

Lisa Marie said...

Just reading the description of Dad putting ketchup into mac and cheese made me dry heave a little. Thanks for traumatizing me all over again Jen. No wonder I can't even look at a bottle of ketchup, mustard, relish or mayonnaise without feeling ill.

uberlours said...

Cut up hot dogs yes, ketchup in the Kraft Dinner, no way.

I am being maliciously persecuted.