Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Son, Ribeye

After a nice Pan-Manhattan bike ride this afternoon, followed by a modest nap, we were in the mood for food. The bike ride may have been one of our worst. The ride began with my derailer breaking. We took a detour to a local bike shop to get it repaired. Unfortunately the bicycle repairman did not have a way of fixing the fact that I took a goofy turn at the end of the ride that ended up with me cycling up a tremendous hill in the forest and nearly breaking my neck as I rode my bike through the bramble. The irony was that I'd taken this turn to avoid a tricky hill. The hill I was avoiding, however, was nicely paved and not covered with stones, sand, rocks, and broken tree branches.

Luckily I had a giant two pound ribeye in the fridge that was just dying to be grilled, apartment style.

I carmelized some shallots with garlic and cooked up some potatoes and portobello caps. After that It was just a simple matter of searing the ribeye and tossing it into the oven for a few minutes. You will note that this all occurred in one pan.

The ribeye was enough to feed three hungry people but this bottle of delicious wine from Mas Carlot wasn't quite enough. Luckily we had another inferior bottle of wine to move to after we had polished this bottle off.

A quick walk to the Carvel after dinner proved to be a bust. While the door was open the angry teenager at the counter informed us that they were closed for the evening. The ice cream truck was not out tonight so we were forced to go to Gristedes and get a pint of Phish Food. This turned out to be a fantastic close to the evening as the ice cream truck never ends up being as good as the idea of the ice cream truck.

It just so happens that the Ben & Jerry's cost about one third as much as the crappy ice cream truck would. It also happened to be three times as good.

That is a sound ice cream investment.

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