Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pre-Montreal Cleanse

On the eve of our journey to the motherland (i.e. Canada) it is slim pickins in our fridge on this side of the border.

There were some raggedy old baby greens that I fashioned into a quick salad with the remains of a dying lime, some tomato, and a bit of olive oil. This went well with some two-day-old Prairie Boule which held up surprisingly well.

I sauteed our last onion, one of two remaining potatoes, and then seared some bone-in chicken breast that I'd defrosted from the freezer. I used an over-ripened avocado, some line, and tomato to create a makeshift salsa/relish for the top of the chicken then tossed some arugula into the hot pan to wilt it.

Now the apartment is devoid of any notable fresh produce so that we may flee the country in search of the adventure and indigenous foods promised by Montreal.

With any luck there will soon be pictures of French Canadian things. Like the Beer Store. Or some Montreal bagels.

A tout à l'heure!

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