Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easy Pasta & Mantracker

I was pretty tired all day. Mostly because Jen and I stayed up late watching Mantracker on her cousin's recommendation. Sadly OLN in the United States recently turned into Versus which would rather air extreme fighting or bull riding (or extreme bull fighting) instead of this Canadian gem.

Mantracker is a tremendous show and very difficult to find. Currently there's only one copy of the first season on Amazon and it costs $50!

Mantracker is an incredible man. I've never seen anyone on television that had so little personality or charisma. It is rumored (by Jen's cousin) that in later episodes he gets a personality but it mostly involves him swearing a lot when people get away.

Mantracker seems to have a very unfair advantage for a number of reasons:

  1. He's a man tracker.
  2. He's on a horse.
  3. He has a partner who is a local who knows every nook and cranny of the area he's in.
  4. His partner also has a horse.
  5. It must be easy to find the prey when there is a camera crew following them around. Just look for the boom mics.

Being that we were both tired and had long days at our respective jobs we opted to have an easy dinner tonight. I got some Severino calabrese fusilli and made it with some Paesana Tuscan Pepper tomato sauce.

The sauce is made in East Farmington, NY, on Long Island, a little over thirty miles from here. It was pretty tasty but don't let the sweet-looking Italian lady on the label fool ya. That's-a-one a-spicy meatball! A little too a-spicy for me.

I haven't been much of a jarred pasta sauce guy in recent years. Jen isn't much of a fan of premade sauces so I normally opt to have my pasta simply with oil and cheese or with a sauce of my own creation.

Lack of time often has ways of changing one's culinary preferences. It's a slippery slope. I must fight against the urge to, one day, be making this for dinner . . .

It wouldn't be the first time I had this for dinner. I had this daily while I was in culinary school. Some of my chefs yelled at me for it.

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