Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talking Turkey. Hot Turkey. Hot Turkey Sandwiches!

Today I brought the car by our farm share pickup spot to pickup this week's bounty. I was double parked for about three seconds when an NYC traffic cop began yelling at me about being double parked. I asked if it was okay for me to park there for 2 minutes and promptly got yelled at and lectured. She also told me that it was a $150 ticket (a lie, by the way) and asked me if it was worth it.

What I wanted to do was tell her to go piss off but instead I got in my car, went around the block and parked in the exact same spot. Then I secretly wished that she would get hit by a car. Not fatally, just enough to teach her a lesson. Maybe enough to give her a bruised shinbone.

Does that make me a bad person?

This week we got: 1/2 pound arugula, 1 bunch turnips, 4 potatoes, 5 ears of corn, 1 pound carrots, 1 head lettuce, 1 root of celeriac, 1 head of vitamin greens, 1 bulb of garlic, and 12 apples.

However, we did not use any of our new vegetables because we have plenty of leftovers from Sunday's Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Instead we began with our trio of cheeses. Jen had apparently developed the perfect cheese-cracker combination yesterday and treated us both to a plate of the cheesed crackers. We also enjoyed some of the wine that was brought to the party.

Our dinner was the traditional day-after hot turkey sandwiches. However, Jen and I have conflicting views on the architecture of said sandwiches so they were served two separate ways.

Jen style: In this design we see the elegant "two slice" bread formation. The objective is to cover the stuffing and turkey while achieving maximum gravy absorption. The oven fries are accompanied by what I would consider an inadequate amount of ketchup.

Nate style: A classic "open face" structure. Typically this is served with the turkey heated up within some gravy, however, Jen's design demands a turkey heated separately with gravy poured on top. Most Jen designs call for the thing that would dirty the largest number of dishes.

For dessert we had a little more of Jen's friend Jennie's delicious apple pie with some Borough Market Cheddar. We also ended up having some leftover birthday cake. Sadly we will not be eating at home for the next two nights so I am concerned about the integrity of all our wonderful leftovers.

I'm considering feigning illness to get out of the obligations that will cause me to miss out on our leftovers. Wish me luck.

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