Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bison Burritos & Corn With Cotija!

Today's challenge: I was thinking that I would make something Mexicany for dinner. The problem: I also wanted to use up our bok choy. The solution? Well, you're just going to have to keep reading to find out the secret surprise!

The first step was making a salad with the beets. Generally when one thinks about beets their mind does not immediately go to Mexico. However, tonight I was all about breaking down walls. I'm like the Ronald Reagan to vegetable origins' Berlin Wall.

I made a salad using the red leaf, arugula, and beets. I combined that with some toasted pepitas, cotija cheese, lime juice, olive oil, and cayenne. The result was quite pleasing, however, the beets were not quite as flavorful as the beets we'd gotten earlier in the season.

I used the bison I had in the freezer from the summer to make a chili with the red and green peppers and some black beans. I made a quick burrito with a compound sour cream (with cumin, cayenne, lime, and chili), some red leaf lettuce, and some avocado.

I used three out of the six ears of corn by making corn on the cob with cotija and lime. I also made a spicy mayonnaise with cayenne pepper and tossed this all together.

Another dish that is popular throughout Mexico is the baked potato. Almost as much as the beet, the baked potato was a staple of the ancient Aztec diet. For my Mexican baked potato I also used the compound sour cream from earlier.

And for the bok choy: Mexican bok choy stir fry! I rendered a little bacon then cooked the bok choy with a little chili, cayenne, salt, and a touch of honey.

Wasn't that an amazing climax? It's hard to top it except with . . .

Some Spanish wine! Nothing says Mexico like some wine from a country that is not Mexico! I liked the wine. Jen thought it tasted 'musty'. Also there were some weird little black balls that had collected on the cork. I suspect that this was because of some tannins. When in doubt, blame the tannins.

And that, my friends, is how you make an incredibly weakly themed ethnic meal.



Lisa Marie said...

I hope you appreciate that I had to look through all 967 of my saved lolcats to find this.

Lisa Marie said...

Also, corn on the cob with mayonnaise/sour cream and cheese has ALWAYS seemed wrong to me and Adam no matter how traditional it is. What did that corn ever do to deserve that Nate? WHAT DID IT DO?

Jen said...

By "wrong" and "traditional" did you mean to write "sensational"?