Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn & Cornish

Today was a good day. It started with a trip to the DMV where I had the ambitious task of simultaneously attempting to get a New York State license (for the fourth time) and registering our new car. Equipped with several dozen pieces of paperwork proving that I am who I am and with an arsenal of psychologically prepared small talk I was able to trick the people at the DMV into giving me both my license and car registration. Of course there should have been no trickery necessary but I think we all know that that is not how the game is played.

I returned home around 11:00AM realizing that no matter how many more failures awaited me today the day would overall be declared a major victory.

As soon as I got back from the DMV I took last weekend's turkey bones out of the freezer and started up a turkey stock. One of my favorite things to do in October/November is to make turkey stock all day long. Not only does it make the house smell delicious but it's a great day to warm the house up on a cold day.

For dinner I started out by putting out some snacks. I made a hummus out of edamame and tahini with olive oil, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. I put that out with some carrots on a bed of arugula.

For dinner I made some cornbread using some of the massive amount of corn we had on hand and a little bit of bacon from the freezer. I also roasted some Cornish hens which I'd gotten from Pollo Rosso. I roasted them on a bed of carrots, onions and celery. I also made an apricot and honey glaze for the hens. Even without the glaze they were really tasty.

We also enjoyed some Riesling with the hens. I'm not exactly sure where this particular Riesling came from (I think it was given to us by someone) but it was an excellent accompaniment.

With tomorrow's farm share I knew I needed to clean out the greens from the fridge so I figured I'd steam some arugula with a little olive oil. However, I accidentally left the fire on and scorched the bottom of the pan. A small setback but nothing was going to get me down after my triumph at the DMV.

Even with copious amounts of leftovers we're still in good shape for tomorrow's veggie pickup. Who knows what wonders will await us? Whatever it is I bet it will be more corn than I care to deal with.


Nate & Jen said...

Hi, my name is Jen and my husband's name is Nate. We just thought we'd say hi. :)

Paul Hughes said...

(hi jen and nate and jen and nate!)

How did I know, just from the title of this entry, that it was by Nate?

Lisa Marie said...

The equivalent of the DMV here in Michigan actually accepts your high school yearbook as a form of identification. That is how Adam got his drivers license. With his high school yearbook as proof of identity. Almost a decade after graduation.