Monday, October 6, 2008

Fixing a Leek (For Dinner)

This past weekend, Jen and I flew to the Chicagoland area for a friend's wedding. It was an incredibly quick trip that culminated in yesterday's 16 hour drive home. Why did we drive home? Well, we are now car owners, courtesy of Jen's sister who sold us her car. Now we have the pleasure of having to park a car in our neighborhood. And it only took 12 hours to get our first ticket!

Today was mostly spent relaxing with a quick early morning jaunt to Ikea where I picked up a few things we've been needing and came home to put it all together.

There were still a good deal of vegetables in the fridge from last week but nothing very suitable for a proper lunch so we picked up some sandwiches from Jou Jou.

My favorite moment of the day was our break for tea where we got to enjoy banana chocolate chip muffins and date squares made by Jen's mom! She packed enough date squares and muffins to get us through the week.

The greens held up surprisingly well since last week so I was able to use them for salad with pistachios, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Jen's dad gave us some leeks from his garden. I used those leeks along with the leeks from the farm share to make a quick potato leek soup. I rendered a little bacon in a small amount of butter, cooked the leeks and potatoes, added a little chicken stock and milk and pureed it. I finished it with some chopped dill which I don't normally do but it turned out pretty well.

Now it's 8:42PM and we are having a debate. Jen is taking the side of getting back to work cleaning, organizing and getting our new furniture set up. I'm taking the side of going straight to bed right now.

May the best debater win.

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