Saturday, October 18, 2008

. . . And The Potatoes Were Delicious

If there's one thing Jen and I like it's watching a sporting event while we dine. It seems that the less we like the sport the more we enjoy it. I think it's the fact that if it's a sport we aren't that invested in (let's say baseball) then we are able to do other things without feeling bad. For example, Jen can spend several hours playing Text Twist after dinner and just look up whenever the commentators raise their voices.

Jen and I spent most of the day in Brooklyn today. Jen was at a baby shower and I was helping friends move and then later helping them eat sweet potato fries and drink some Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. By the time we got home we were not very hungry but felt we had to have some sort of dinner.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats. Tonight's culinary marvel . . .

Boiled potato! Yeah, that's right. I cut up some of the potatoes from the farm share, boiled them, drizzled a little olive oil and melted butter on them and added some ground black pepper. The result was delicious. Much like the carrots the potatoes have a very rich flavor and very creamy texture.

The baseball game tonight started off oddly. TBS apparently had a technical error and was showing the Steve Harvey show instead of the baseball game. At one point they scrolled a message across the Steve Harvey show explaining that they were experiencing technical difficulties and gave an update with the score of the game. It seemed to me like if they were able to scroll words across the Steve Harvey Show then they should just be able to switch to the baseball game. Eventually that fiasco was fixed and we joined the game already in progress.

And then we were able to return to playing Text Twist without having to listen to Steve Harvey.

And the potatoes were delicious.

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