Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curry in a Hurry

Curry sauce, I am convinced, is the greatest thing that ever happened to the lazy cook. Today I came home from the gym ravenously hungry (yes, back at the gym -- knees need it, cholesterol needs it, and most importantly, I signed up for another 4-mile race in December and I have to build back up to it), and so I wanted something reasonably healthy and most importantly, that could be made in 20 minutes.

Enter store-bought coconut curry sauce from Maya Kaimal. I chopped up one of the super-skinny eggplants, red pepper and a potato from this week's share, as well as some carrots. Saute, add sauce and simmer. Easy as pie. Even added half a frozen naan and some brown rice, and delicious. Brown rice is the worst, by the way. Blah blah, it's nutty and chewy and is heaped-up with fiber and all sorts of cholesterol-lowering goodness. It also has a totally weird and kind of gross texture, it takes forever and ever and ever to cook, and it is just not as delicious as basmati. But I eat it, cholesterol. Do you hear me? I eat it and I say yum, yum, yum and so there.


Anyhow, that was dinner. Since Nate it at inventory I am watching copious amounts of "House" (which, by the way, I wish I wasn't because it always, always makes me cry and yet? Can't turn it off) and eating yogurt with pomegranate and having tea. I am also doing a few work things because I'm not going into the office tomorrow (awesome!) and yet somehow the workflow does not stop to accommodate my desire to get pumpkins. You can't have it all.

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Lisa Marie said...

How can you not like brown rice?!?!?! That's crazy! I could eat it plain I like it so much and in my rice cooker it doesn't take any longer to cook then white rice.

I've never tried a ready made curry sauce. I might have to pick one up.