Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Leftovers

Today was a long day. Not long in the sense of time, more in the sense of mentally taxing. Jen had an invitation to hobnob with some foodies and, unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to professional obligations. That left me to come home and fend for myself.

With plenty of Canadian Thanksgiving leftovers I was able to assemble a quick turkey-free turkey dinner, a cheese plate, and a helping of our pumpkin pear caramel trifle.

Complete with a Blue Moon and some now ancient TiVoed episodes of The Daily Show it was the perfect meal.

Tomorrow I have the first full day off free of obligations in a long, long time. I plan on using it to do something interesting with our farm share and our leftovers. I hope to have something interesting to report.

If I get lazy, just read this entry again because that's what we'll be having for dinner.

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