Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pre-Vacation Risotto

I hear there were some suckas out there who still don't follow our blog. What's up, y'all? You can't hang with the real thang? Time to stop resentin' and stop representin'! Know what I'm sayin', home slice of the grilled cheese? You ain't all that and a bag of Terra Chips!

So, with a trip to Michigan just around the corner we have been making a concerted effort to empty our fridge of our most highly perishable items. One such item was an unlabeled squash from the market which looked like a zucchini except round. Some Google research showed that they were called: round zucchini. Go figure.

So perishable was this item that I purchased two and one of them was completely rotten on the inside so I had to make some last minute adjustments to dinner quantities.

To use up the round zucchini I hollowed it, roasted it, and stuffed it with a quick risotto of zucchini (of the normal variety), yellow squash, onion, garlic, red pepper, vermouth, salt, pepper, vegetable stock, ricotta, shredded gouda, olive oil, and a touch of butter. I served it on a reduced tomato broth and served with additional shredded gouda. I also fried some sage leaves in a little olive oil to use as garnish along with the hastily created sage oil.

The wine was Big House Red, a pretty decent blend of just about every grape varietal I've ever heard of (and a few I have not).

While the wine was quite tasty (and extremely affordable) the back of the wine made me feel like I'd just consumed three bottles as I tried to decipher what it was saying. The combination of nonsense words and ransom note style typography was enough to make me go bleary eyed trying to decipher the message. I think part of the label may have been written by the script writer from Yo! MTV Raps.

I wondered what that guy had been up to.

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