Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Expressing Ourselves (Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey)

Today began with us waking up at the crack of 9:30AM (which is to say that we're too embarrassed to admit that it was more like 10:00AM) for a quick trip to downtown Saugatuck, which is about a 45 second walk from where we are staying.

We went to the Butler Pantry [sic] where we picked up a number of things we didn't need including candies from Sara's Sweets (a local favorite) and some cookie cutters in the shapes of six different dinosaurs (probably not a local favorite).

Later on we ended up at Express Yourself Art Barn where we all made a number of amazing items that are going to be fired in the kiln first thing in the morning. Expect follow-up pictures tomorrow.

The art barn was a tremendously good time. I suppose you're supposed to have a young child with you when you go to such a place. We had a twenty-four-year-old with us so we hope that was young enough to count.

The night ended at the New Holland Brewing Company where I had the Sundog and Jen had the Zoomer (pictured above) while we watched game six of the Stanley Cup finals and enjoyed the disappointment of the local Red Wing fans.

Tomorrow expect big results from our finished pottery projects, a trip to a local market, and perhaps even some grilling at home!

Also, if anyone knows of a cracker made in Michigan please let me know. It's essential to my hors d'ouevre plans for later in the week!

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