Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And We're Back!

Today our second year of the farm share began. Jen rushed home from work, picked up 90% of the share, then got home and realized she'd forgotten the Swiss chard. Then I got home from work, picked up the Swiss chard and got to cooking!

For week one of our second year in the Windflower Farm CSA we received: Kohlrabi, French breakfast radishes, scallions, garlic scapes, Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, bok choy, kale and potted oregano and thyme.

I didn't have much time so I used up the remaining greens in the fridge with some chopped garlic scapes, radishes, dill, cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, salt, and pepper. I drizzled this over the greens for a salad that was much tastier than I'd have thought. Radishes are not tops on my list of tasty vegetables but the honey mellowed them out quite a bit, even if it was low quality, old honey from a now ancient plastic bear.

I continue to enjoy kohlrabi because it continues to resemble an alien's head. Any vegetable that resembles an alien is okay in my book.

I took one of the bulbs of kohlrabi, peeled and steamed it and tossed it with some Dijon, dill, sour cream, salt, and pepper. For the Arctic char I seasoned it with Dijon, dill, salt, pepper, and fresh cracked coriander seed. I also boiled some baby potatoes. I fully intended to wilt the chard in the pan with the char but decided at the last minute to scrap that plan. This was partially due feeling that there was enough food for dinner already but mostly due to laziness.

While tonight's dinner was nothing special it was a bit more extravagant than what we did for last year's first pickup day. The trick is that Farmer Ted has become much more consistent about letting you know ahead of time what you may be getting. He only let's you know a few hours ahead of time but he lets you know nonetheless.

Tomorrow and Thursday will hopefully be even more inspired still as we work our way through this small first delivery. As the summer picks up we'll be swimming in garlic scapes.

I apologize in advance for the smell.

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