Monday, June 29, 2009

The Leftover Shuffle

There are two things that last night's dinner left us with an abundance of: dirty dishes and leftovers. I was glad Jen had done the laundry on Sunday as I spent the bulk of my afternoon doing four extraordinarily large batches of dishes.

While I generally make it a rule to keep things new and interesting for dinner with the amount of leftovers, odds and ends, and various scraps in the fridge and pantry I made it my mission to utilize all of these items in a way that would almost fool us into thinking none of these items were old, previously used, or in any other way not intended for tonight's dinner.

The leftover seviche was tossed with some cubed watermelon and served over some mixed greens from Maine's Locally Known farm. Certainly this farm 304 miles away is not terribly local, however it beats the standard Earthbound Farms which is 2,545 from our doorstep. As a bridge for the gap until we get our next batch of greens from the farm tomorrow these greens are actually much crisper and tastier than those I've had from Earthbound. Perhaps the 2,241 less miles traveled affect the quality positively.

Who would have guessed?

For a main course I blindly reached into the fridge and pulled out one ingredient after another to assemble these odd little pizzas. For the first pizza I pulled out some ricotta, some of Thursday night's chicken, tomato, avocado, Bergfex, and cilantro.

For the second pizza I used some of the olives leftover from Saturday's picnic lunch, some more ricotta and Bergfex, anchovies, some sliced potato wedges from last night, and basil from the farm.

The leftover bread from last night's dinner served as the base for both pizzas.

With my parents' gift to Jen being The Sims 3 there was really very little time for worrying about dinner this evening. My sim, Tarkus Filibuster, is hard at work on his eighth book, a fantasy novel titled The Wand of a Thousand Tomorrows. My sim has also recently achieved level eight skill in cooking.

Why waste my time cooking in real life when I can watch my sim make simulated tri-tip steak?

Real cooking is such a waste of time. I can't wait until they come out with the first expansion pack: The Sims: Community Supported Agriculture.

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