Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Saugatuck to San Marcos

This is our 200th post and the last post before we return with our second year of the farm share. That means there have only been 165 days worth of food we haven't commented on. Generally I think that is because we were either eating something lame on those days, usually in airports.

Before leaving Michigan there was one last local food I was unable to try. Jen's father purchased these caramel-filled Drumsticks for me but I was unable to find time to try it between the fruit cake, lemon meringue pie, muffins, donuts, apple bread, rhubarb pie, and other assorted delights.

I say this is local because I've been unable to find it in any grocery store in any city I've lived in the past decade. When I mentioned this Jen's father thought it was the craziest thing he'd ever heard. I agree! The closest I've come in the past ten years has been to get the variety pack which has two vanilla, two chocolate, two vanilla-caramel, and two vanilla-chocolate cones. I'm not sure why it's such a rarity here in the northeast but apparently the people of the Midwest are more discerning about their Drumstick tastes. That is why it is God's country.

After flying back last night Jen threw together a fantastic quick pasta from items in our freezer with a little butter, olive oil, garlic, vermouth, shrimp, spinach, and spaghetti. A little lemon and Parmiggiano over the top made it a fantastic post-flight dinner.

For dessert we finally got around to having some of the assorted treats we'd gotten on Monday from Vineyards Gourmet. With the feverish pace of dessert acquisitions by Jen's mum this was the first opportunity we'd had to even taste any of these.

Upon returning we found that round two of the AeroGarden is going much the same as round one. That means we have one herb growing out of control and the other two growing at a snail's pace.

Tonight I pulled the half chicken I had out of the freezer, marinated it with lime, rum, cumin, chili, cayenne, oregano, garlic, olive oil, and salt. I seared it quickly in a pan, tossed it in the oven, and made a quick glaze with some chicken stock, rum, and brown sugar (thickening it at the end with some additional rum, cornstarch and crushed mint leaves). I seasoned some Idaho potato wedges similarly and roasted them in the oven as well.

I also made quite a stretch in trying to incorporate the dried Michigan cherries into a salad to accompany this meal. Cherries aren't the first thing that springs to mind when you're talking about mint, rum, and lime but I think I may have made a weak connection by dressing the salad with a little lime and olive oil.

Generally I don't like mint but tonight it seemed appropriate. I'd received this Guatemalan rum from a friend who recently returned from visiting his family there and I wanted to give it a try. Instead of just making some mojitos I decided to make some mojitos and use it in the chicken as well.

So it is that our fridge is left to dwindle and our second season of farm shares will begin anew on Tuesday evening. With Thursday and Friday off of work I'm left with a good chunk of time to cook up whatever the farm throws our way.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the triumphant return of the garlic scape!

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Sandy said...

Can't wait to hear about all the new farm share produce!