Friday, April 3, 2009

What Came First: The Chicken or the English Muffin Pizza?

I've been scanning lots of old pictures for the last few days and looking at those old pictures made me nostalgic for a very specific thing:

English muffin pizzas! It occurred to me that I haven't had an English muffin pizza in ages. I had most of the ingredients lying around. I even had fresh mozzarella in the fridge and a basil plant in the AeroGarden that is slowly taking over our apartment. It's probably a little unorthodox to use fresh mozzarella and fresh basil on English muffin pizzas. Generally I think Prego and Kraft singles are the acceptable toppings for a proper English muffin pizza.

I think there is a story that my mother made these for my father for dinner every night for a year. Something like that. I know that my dad would be content to live out the rest of his years never having another of these.

After the pizzas I realized that I didn't really have anything for dinner. In a pinch I pulled two ancient onion halves out of the crisper and carmelized them. I found some frozen chicken breast in the freezer that was unfortunately frozen in a giant block which. When I put it in the freezer like that I knew it was a bad idea, however, I was feeling lazy at the time and figured that that was a problem for Future Me. Well, Present Me became Future Me today and Present Me had a hell of a time smashing the chicken block against the edge of the counter to break off a piece.

Complete with a ripe avocado and a middle-aged potato I was able to make a dish that was almost as tasty as it was colorful. Tomorrow I will make a concentrated effort to get enough ingredients so that Sunday's dinner will be a little better thought out.

Until then, keep cleaning out those pantries and living the dream!


Roger said...

The story is basically correct, every Sunday night for almost a year so she could prove a point. Your dad is a slow learner, but it finally sank in. That aside, I actually was telling mom this week that we hadn't had the english muffin pizzas for a long time, and perhaps after almost 39 years of marriage we could put the past behind and try them again.

Unknown said...

Was that so you would take her out for dinner? That's pretty passive-aggressive, Mom.

Sandy said...

I prefer to think of it as subtle, Nate.