Saturday, April 25, 2009

From Boring Asia to Boring Britain

With Jen out of town I have set myself to the task of cleaning out all the boring food from the fridge and the freezer so that I may start to build up more bench strength in those areas upon her arrival. This task makes for a somewhat boring series of meals but yet holds my interest enough so that I can accept the challenge with some degree of interest.

In cleaning out the freezer and fridge this means we must once again take a trip to one of my favorite places:

Pan-Asia! Last night I made some steamed edamame with sea salt, a simple and delicious Pan-Asian prelude to any dinner.

I marinated some tofu in a soy-ginger marinade overnight and tossed it with some cooked noodles and freshly sliced green onions.

This afternoon I continued the Pan-Asian festivities using chicken breast I'd marinated overnight and served it over a piece of naan (really stretching the pan-Asian aspect of the meal) with some greens, a little sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and green onions.

For dinner I finished off the baked beans by making some beans on toast. This is a meal that always makes me feel connected to George Harrison. Every time I have beans on toast I think of the beginning of the music video for The Beatles's "Lady Madonna" which features the shy one enjoying a healthy portion of this meal.

I leave you now with this very video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching George Harrison eat beans.

I know I will.

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