Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am the Egg Man

I sleep-walked my way through most of this week with the odd occasion to throw together a lackluster meal here and there.

On Monday Jen put together what looks like a tasty sort of pasta with butternut squash. While it may not be particularly seasonal, I did purchase the butternut when it was in season. It has been patiently waiting to be used ever since. I give this dish a D- for the fact that I didn't get a chance to have any even though it features my favorite type of squash.

Tuesday , after virtually no sleep, I threw together these mini goat cheese raviolis. I intended to drizzle them with truffle oil but when I looked on the shelf I couldn't find the open bottle that I had. I did, however, find a bottle that expired in December of 2004 but I was not brave enough to use it. Of course, wouldn't you know, I did find the other bottle of truffle oil earlier this afternoon.

That night we finally got our dirty paws on some Easter candy which made a lovely dessert along with leftover strawberry shortcake. Jen was also rumored to have had strawberry shortcake for breakfast the following morning, something I am jealous I did not get a chance to partake in.

This morning I started out with some beautiful eggs that I got from a local egg farm in New Jersey. The farm is called Old Partridge Farm and the gentleman who runs the farm breeds these chickens that lay these beautiful pastel-colored eggs. The claim is that they're the "best eggs in America." I don't think I've had enough American eggs to verify that one way or the other but they certainly were tasty.

I didn't want to do anything to detract too much from the egg so I simply cooked it over easy on an english muffin. It had a nice rich, orange yolk and didn't taste at all like a Jordan almond like the appearance would lead you to believe. The guy who gave me the eggs said they were inside a chicken two days ago. I find that fact to be simultaneously disgusting and exciting.

For lunch I had a very strange combination of items in an effort to clean out the freezer and fridge of things we've had around for a while. If you're an avid reader of this blog you may be able to dissect the dinners that all of these items originally came from. (I wish I could put the Answer Key upside down: Leftover hot dogs with baked beans, Leftover cream cheese and kalamata olive bread, leftover avocado, leftover potato salad from hot dog night).

Tonight I made a pizza with leftover ricotta, asaparagus, grape tomatoes, and pancetta that I had in the freezer. Pizza, like pasta, always seems to do a great job of getting rid of some old stuff that's lying around.

Even the wine was old, a bottle Montepulciano that we opened a few nights ago.

The whole dinner was delicious even though it should have, in all fairness, smelled musty like an old book in the basement. I guess my culinary prowess can turn the most stale Robert Ludlum thriller into a fresh new novel by a hot contemporary novelist like Dean Koontz!

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Jivetin said...

Any chance you saved the address of that Old Partridge Farm, or any other contact information, maybe a website. Would be quite helpful. Thanks.