Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Pan, One Rib, One Dream . . . BLEH!

As I prepare for 40 hours of time outside of work I can't help but be delighted by the fact that I get to cook some dinners which will A) use up some of the ingredients I've been sitting on for a while and B) make me happy to know I'm staying home for nearly two straight days!

Dinner tonight started off with this salad I made with yet more of these delicious grape tomatoes from Connecticut and some delicious muscat grapes. I accompanied it with Uniekaas Reserve Gouda and hazelnuts. I would normally use filberts but I only had hazelnuts available. That was convenient because it allowed me to use my second favorite nut-related jokes. My first favorite is this: Two peanuts walked down the street and one was assaulted. Peanut.

I guess that is technically a legume joke.

Along with the salad we enjoyed this delicious bread I got (for free) called placheta (or planchetta, or maybe planchita). I can't seem to find any information about it online but legend has it that it is a Transylvanian recipe. Seriously. Basically it's a cheese stuffed with cheese and dill and it is delicious. It is, however, impossible to eat without saying things like, "Bleh! I vant to eat more of dees beauteefool veettles! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

I actually found a farm potato rolling around the bottom of the crisper and I browned it along with the remaining spring onions and some halved shallots with garlic. Then I seared a beautiful ribeye which I'd gotten for a song (a $6.99 per pound song) with a little olive oil.

By the way: one pan. Thank you!

I picked up a bottle of wine on my way home. The bottle claims that Cabernet Franc and Lemberger are fabulous partners. Apparently the blend of these two grapes is "seamless." Thank God. My refined palette would laugh at an inappropriate grape combination. Could you imagine if they'd combined the Cabernet Franc with something like a Montepulciano or a Sangiovese? Oh my goodness, that would be crazy!

For dessert: more matzoh crunch and the latest episode of Chuck which my horrible, stupid TiVo failed to record due to its insistence on crashing and displaying the green screen of death instead.

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