Friday, April 24, 2009

I Don't Mean To Bragg, I Don't Mean To Boast . . .

In my ongoing effort to clean out the freezer I was once again confronted with a poor decision I made. The me of the past had foolishly put an entire container of chicken breast into the freezer about a month ago, knowing full well that present me would have a bastard of a time separating out the pieces into usable portions. Tonight I had to deal with this once again, attempting to separate the pieces of chicken which had become fused together in the freezer.

In addition to my frustration this also resulted in a broken knife. Past me is a real dickhead.

I put together a pretty good salad using leftover jicama, almonds, grape tomatoes, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and Bragg liquid amino acids. Because, you know, sometimes you just need a little more isoleucine in your diet.

For the main course I made a coconut miso broth with the chicken breast, some spinach, and sliced green onion that I served over some fresh noodles.

For someone who recently admitted his lack of desire to participate in any pan-Asian cooking I have been throwing together a lot of pseudo-Asian cuisine in the past weeks. I think it just happens to be the thing that lends itself best to cleaning our our fridge and freezer. I promise, I'll be moving on to other things shortly.

Well, maybe. I still have a lot of soy sauce, tofu, and miso to use up. Let's just see how this weekend goes.

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