Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lon GISLAND & Fresh Pasta

Today we got out to Long Island to get Jen some valued time away from the apartment and some time to stretch her still braced leg. The trip took us to Crate & Barrel where we hung out with some of the world's worst people. The world's worst person was a middle aged gentleman who, when Jen dropped her crutch, looked at her with a seething hatred as if she had taken a swipe at him with a morning star. He didn't even halt his scowl of disgust for the one second it would have taken him to do the right thing (which, in case you are a moron is to pick up the crippled person's crutch for them) because he was too busy hating her.

I hope he got into a car accident on his way home. Not a fatal one of anything. Just a bad enough one to total his car and give him chronic neck pain for the rest of his life.

Moving right along! I really wanted to finally make some pasta with the pasta maker I'd gotten for Christmas so I whipped up a quick dough, prepared and steamed some artichokes, and some other assorted ingredients to make ravioli filling.

What I made were lemon and artichoke ravioli with green olives and ricotta. Then I fried up a little sage in olive oil and butter and drizzled it on top of the cooked raviolis.

The raviolis were not much to look at. I made them extremely quickly (hence the poor form) because by the time we got home and started cooking it was already pretty late and we were getting a little hungry.

After that we watched a little TV and tried to shake off the experience of going to Long Island's worst Target on a trip that yielded us no purchases. It did, however, give Jen the opportunity to try on a number of silly hats and me the opportunity to have a coffee from Starbucks which reminded me how much I hate their terrible coffee. I think it's quite possible that they use an old grill brush to stir up the coffee after it's brewed.

I'm not quite sure why. Coffee doesn't even need to be stirred.

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Lisa Marie said...

The correct thing to do to the box of tools who wouldn't pick up Jen's crutch would be to "accidentally" hit him in the shin as hard as possible with the crutch when you bent to pick it up. At least that's what I would have done.

The cup of coffee that I left in my office over the weekend would probably still taste better then Starbucks.