Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summeresque Spring Dinner

After a great deal of working overtime for both of us we were able to stay in this evening, make dinner, and watch several hockey games. Granted, we didn't have dinner until 9:00PM but comparatively it was a nice, relaxing evening. There weren't a great deal of other culinary happenings this week.

On Thursday night I was able to use some elderly vegetables along with some remaining flank steak from the freezer to make a super fast stir fry with coconut rice.

Tonight Jen did the cooking. It was a beautiful day and Jen spent much of it doing and admirable job of using up just about everything in the fridge and pantry to make the salad. The salad contained jicama, orange, grapefruit, hearts of palm, tomatoes, spring onions, avocado and possibly a few other items that I am forgetting. There may have also been scraps from the paper shredder and part of an old shoe in the salad.

To accompany the dinner, a new favorite: Long Trail Double Bag Ale. It's delicious and its label features what may be two cows or Siamese twin cows joined at the udder. It's unclear.

We each had two hot dogs but for some reason I ended up eating one of Jen's which is not standard operating procedure. Generally I am not capable of such feats but I was so hungry this evening that I did it with ease. I think I'm probably like one of those little Japanese fellows that can win a hot dog eating contest. As soon as I can figure out a way to eat fifty more hot dogs in one setting I'm going to rule the hot dog eating circuit.

Jen, as part of her continuing failed quest to get a Cadbury egg, found these Orange Creme Eggs at our terrible local grocery store. They were much more similar to the original than I'd thought they'd be. They must have to feed the chocolate bunnies a huge amount of citrus to lay eggs this orangey.

Our real dessert was a strawberry shortcake which cleaned out some of our old dead or dying strawberries along with the best shortcake/biscuit dough Jen has ever made.

Along with this dessert Jen also baked a tremendous number of blueberry muffins in varying sizes. She says that they're mostly for me to take to work and share with people but that sounds lame.

I think when it comes to muffins sharing is vastly overrated.


uberlours said...

Hope that wasn't ketchup I saw on those dogs?

Jen said...

What's wrong with ketchup on a hotdog??

uberlours said...

Oh dear, where did I go wrong. Ketchup on a Hot Dog.

Jen said...

Ketchup always goes on a hot dog! What is this revisionist "no ketchup on a hot dog" nonsense?