Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosh Hash-B'Gosh!

I woke up at 3:00AM this morning to go to work, something that I have never had to do before. I keep an odd work schedule but this was the first time I had to go in at this particular hour. While at work I did a little bit of thinking about dinner. What were the key ingredients we had left this week? We had greens, carrots, and apples. And what day was it? Well it's officially Rosh Hashanah as of sundown so why not do a Rosh Hashanah themed meal?

I decided to bring out some recipes from Bubbie Horowitz -- my Jewish grandmother -- and put together a Rosh Hashanah feast that was extremely loosely based on tradition.

We started out with a purchased round challah. I didn't quite have enough time to make my own challah this evening.

While salad is not exactly a staple of your typical Rosh Hashanah feast I decided to do a strange themed salad where I added in some of the flavors of Rosh Hashanah. I put pistachios, dried prunes, lemon and honey on a bed of greens with some grape tomatoes.

For the main course I'd hoped to do brisket but getting home only a couple of hours before dinner that did not allow quite enough time. So instead I made lemon-dill salmon. I also made some thyme roasted potatoes and carrot tzimmes.

With dinner we had some more Shoo Fly wine which we'd had a few weeks back. We'll lie and say it's kosher. While that may not be true it is hard to debate that it is tastier than Manischewitz.

For dinner I was able to use some of our apples to put together an apple cake. I had to really wing it with the cake as I didn't truly have all the proper ingredients (or correct amounts of ingredients that I did have) but it came out nicely. I with I could remember exactly how I did it but unfortunately this may be a one-time creation.

As a surprise Jen brought home this little present for me. Best Rosh Hashanah ever? It is going to be a sweet new year indeed!

Controlling Darth Vader to kill Wookies is the newest Rosh Hashanah tradition.

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