Sunday, September 28, 2008

Celeriac Attack

On Friday morning we said goodbye to our vegetables, packed up our (rented) car and drove up to Rhode Island to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Caolan & Paul. Despite the nonstop rain from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, the whole weekend was a tremendous success.

Given the amount of time we've spent out of the house this week the vegetables have really been backing up. Tonight was our chance to make a dent in the vegetables in preparation for Tuesday's delivery. We have another wedding coming up next weekend so we're going to need to keep on top of these vegetables for the few days we'll be here this week.

I started by making a very simple celeriac and potato soup. It was extremely easy and very tasty. I just cooked a little bit of garlic and onion in some olive oil then added the cubed celeriac and potato. After a few minutes I covered the root vegetables with some vegetable stock, cooked until tender then mixed with my immersion blender. I used one Idaho potato, which I would recommend over a lower starch potato, and one bulb of celeriac.

We used up some of our remaining salad greens with some feta cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper.

For our main course I took out some of the arugula pesto that I'd made earlier in the the week. I sauteed some of the red peppers, arugula and then fumbled the pesto, dropping 70% of it on the floor and 30% of it in the pan. I'd recommend that as a good ratio if you're making this at home. Then I added some diced tomatoes, capers and a few shrimp.

I cooked some penne then tossed it in the sauce and served.

For dessert we had a delicious sugar cookie that Caolan made as a favor for her wedding. I am very impressed that she made 100 of these cookies and even more impressed at how delicious it was.

I'm working extraordinarily early tomorrow morning and I plan on coming home, napping, then finding new and wondrous ways of using as much of our vegetables as possible before we board a plane to Chicago.

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