Friday, September 19, 2008

Neato Tomalito

With ten ears of corn in the fridge, one thing was clear: corn was going to be on the menu tonight. On Wednesday I mixed up a batch of batter (if you can call it that) for making sweet corn tomalito. Today I simply heated up the oven to 250 degrees, put the pan of tomalito into a water bath, and put it in the oven. Then I had just one thing to figure out: what are we going to serve this with. Tomalito is a great accompaniment but I felt like it would benefit from a main course.

I timed the tomalito a little poorly so dinner was delayed by 15 minutes. Not a big deal but I'm used to everything turning out perfectly at the same time. Having a late afternoon nap and getting a late start probably didn't help the cause of having dinner ready early.

We had the tomalito with some fresh avocado slices and chopped tomato. I accidentally mixed the ingredients incorrectly so the tomalito came out much more runny than it normally does. The flavor was great, just a little more like cream of wheat than corn pudding.

I cooked up the melange of peppers we'd accumulated over the past two weeks with some onion and garlic, then threw in some air chilled chicken breast. Why air chilled? Why not?

We crafted some quick fajitas to go along with the tomalito and topped with a little fresh sour cream and sliced avocado.

We even walked to our local Gristedes where we watched a woman sneeze all over the produce like a disgusting, ill-trained pig. We went to get a nice Mexican beer to go along with the meal tonight. After seeing Blue Moon we went with that. Mission objective: partially accomplished!

Now, about that tribal stage in Spore . . .

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