Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain Delay

About six months ago I purchased Yankees tickets from a coworker. They were cheap and it was an opportunity to visit Yankee Stadium during one of its last games.

This morning it began raining so I kept a close eye on the weather all day, assuming that the game would be canceled. As the day went on and on the Yankee Stadium Lousy Weather Update Site kept displaying the words: The gates are scheduled to open on time.

When we arrived at Yankee Stadium the rain was coming down harder than it had been all day. We made our way to our seats to observe a stadium that did not look particularly game ready.

At the stadium we waited in line while some teenage jokester made us our disgusting dinner. $27.50 later we were standing off to the side on a ramp choking down the greasy mess that was our dinner.

After our dining experience we went out and sat in our seats, in the rain, for the next hour. From there we were treated to an incredibly long documentary about Babe Ruth where they listed some facts about Babe Ruth including how he was sent from above to help baseball. Also they talked about how the baseball gods were involved. I decided to pass the time by making up my own facts about Babe Ruth:

  • Babe Ruth was the first American to taste an avocado.
  • Babe Ruth did not believe in Eskimos.
  • Babe Ruth had a mole on his back in the shape of Thomas Jefferson.
  • Babe Ruth created his own language that he used to communicate with cats.
  • Babe Ruth once had a toothache that he enjoyed.
  • Babe Ruth was the only person who was unimpressed when he visited the Alamo.
So after over an hour of this we decided to leave Yankee Stadium and go home. We were pretty well soaked and had learned all we could about Babe Ruth. When we got home we finally received word that the game had just been called off. Why they couldn't have made that determination several hours earlier is still a mystery. The Yankee Stadium Lousy Weather Update Site still said: The gates are scheduled to open on time.

Thanks, Yankee Stadium. If we got nothing else from this night we at least learned this: Babe Ruth's body could not produce the enzyme needed to properly digest strawberries.

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