Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ratatouille. Psych! It's Actually Pasta Sauce!

Last night my genius paid off. The genius of making many meals on my day off resulted in a wonderful night of coming home and simply heating something up. Even better was that it was Jen who did most of the heating while I sat on my butt. Fantastic.

Jen made some salad with the romaine and assorted tomatoes and we toasted some bread with some tapenade we got in France. The salad may look flat and that's because it was the tiniest head of lettuce I've ever seen and it barely had enough greens for two plates. Indeed the end of the summer greens is upon us as we transition into the heartier vegetables of the fall.

I had made the eggplant tomato pasta sauce on Friday without the ricotta which I intended to add right before serving. Jen came home from San Diego and ate the sauce thinking it was a makeshift ratatouille. She even emailed me at work to compliment me on it. I guess this dish turned out to be more versatile than I'd imagined.

The pasta turned out well with the ricotta and a little Parmesan. Normally I'd have gone heavier on the tomato and less on the eggplant but in the interest of using the amounts that we had on hand it came out a little eggplant heavy. I also would have used fresh basil but only having the farm share parsley I opted to feature that more prominently and use a little dry basil.

For dessert we enjoyed some of the peaches with yogurt as well as a second dessert of brownies with vanilla ice cream.

We also watched "Psych" so it was a pretty action-packed Saturday evening. So action packed that we fell asleep before it ended. The last I can remember Shawn, Gus and Henry were all dressed up in disco clothes in a junkyard. I wonder if they were able to get the evidence they needed to get that guy back in prison. Wait, I'm picking something up. I'm sensing that they did.

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