Sunday, September 7, 2008

Peachy Keen

Tonight I once again benefitted from Nate's prodigious cooking binge last week -- as a side note, it's pretty awesome that we're still using up vegetables from last week's share today. Hooray for late summer!

Anyhow, for lunch I had some of the meatballs with a baked potato (again, courtesy Windflower Farms) before going to the Y-3 show downtown. Everyone should enjoy meatballs before Fashion Week, that's my policy.

For dinner, since Nate was closing, I went to town on some of the remaining leftovers, supplemented with a little Whole Foods extra. I started with some salad mix (from Long Island -- holla, NY!) and added corn (Nate had cooked some of the share corn and left it on the cob in the fridge), green beans, parsley, pepitas, avocado (totally not local, unless you count that I bought it from Whole Foods at 59th St.), some orange tomatoes from the share and some low-fat goat cheese from Coach Farms. I warmed up some of the potato, corn and pepper chowder that Nate made last week, and I had some bread with the goat cheese and the avocado.

For dessert (no pictures, because that would have required I not scarf it down immediately upon creating), I combined Nate's brownie with some of Nicole's vanilla ice cream and some chopped up peaches. Peaches make everything delicious. Then I watched yet more of the "House" marathon. Nothing goes with adrenal tumors and footage of colons in epileptic episodes than peaches.

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