Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nurse's Orders and Take Out Orders

Today was a pretty big day. Jen got discharged from the hospital, the guys got moved into open cribs in the NICU, and Aunt Lauren came to visit!

Laren with Skeptical Elliott, Jen with Sleepy Martin

This photo would indicate a great degree of skepticism about Aunt Lauren (particularly from Elliott) but they took to her quite well. I think they could feel her excitement.

Baby Head Comparison (Elliott on Left, Martin on Right)

Jen has been disagreeing that Martin's head was really that much bigger than Elliott's. I put this photo up so that you can decide. I think this evidence speaks for itself. Of course, since Jen had to actually pass his head out of her body, I will let her believe whatever she wants.

Martin and Aunt Lauren (About 2 Seconds Before He Barfed on Her)

I managed to get this great picture of Martin and Lauren nose-to-nose. This picture does not tell the story that about two seconds later Martin barfed all over her. It's probably best to forget about that and enjoy what looks like a tender moment.

Tandoori Dinner

Even with a fridge completely full of vegetables we were far too tired to do any sort of cooking so we ordered Indian take out which Jen ate on the beach towel lined couch.

Sam Adams Third Voyage Double IPA

To go with Indian food I had an Indian beer. Well, an India Pale Ale at least, this Third Voyage Double IPA from Sam Adams. It was a very tasty beer but I'm definitely on a one beer plan while I'm getting so little sleep.

After getting what amounts to only a few hours sleep for the past few nights the nurses sent us home tonight around 7:00 PM and ordered us to get some rest. They said to enjoy the next night or two before the babies come home and to rest up because we were going to need it.

I think we should definitely be able to bank one or two nights with six hours sleep to get us through the next few years. That seems completely reasonable.

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OMG those pictures are fantastic!