Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet & Sour

One thing the NICU nurses told us is that just as we figured out what works the babies would switch places on us. A week or two ago Elliott was the great sleeper and Martin was not but recently the roles have reversed. Martin was good natured and Elliott was crabby.

One was sweet, one was sour.

Sweet and Sour Eggplant with Rice

So it was that tonight I decided to make this sweet and sour eggplant with roasted bell peppers. (You're welcome for that awesome segue). I roasted a red and yellow bell pepper over the burner on the stove. I covered them in a bowl to steam them to make them easier to peel. This was all done last night. Tonight I called Jen and asked her to prepare the eggplant from the farm by peeling it and cubing it. She sprinkled it with salt and pepper, then let them sit for ten minutes, then rinsed them and squeezed the excess moisture from them, and coated them in a little sesame and canola, roasted them in the oven until browned. I then combined them with the chopped peppers with some garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and cornstarch.

Auntie Lisa with Elliott and Martin

This morning Auntie Lisa arrived on her first visit out to meet and snuggle some babies. On this particular visit Martin was sweet and Elliott was sour. When I got home from work Elliott was the sweet one, silently sleeping in his crib. Then, in a fit of rage, he declared it was his time to eat. The only problem was he didn't want to eat, he just wanted to whine and cry about how he was hungry and how these annoying adults kept trying to stick a bottle filled with food in his mouth. Didn't they know that he was trying to complain about being hungry?


Founders Brewing Company Centennial IPA

After he finally fed I enjoyed the remainder of my Centennial IPA from Founders Brewing Co. It's the perfect beer to enjoy whilst watching the mothers of Olympic gymnasts freaking out in the stands as they watch their sons and daughters' routines. This was a tasty, tasty IPA but now that the new thing is not getting any sleep I'm pretty much ready to pass out after one beer.

Okay, so I was pretty much ready to pass out after one beer before the boys were born. Now, however, I have an excuse to be tired. Getting forty-five minutes of sleep in a night, in my opinion, gives you license to pretty much do whatever you want.

"Sorry, officer. I thought those TVs were free on account of my exhaustion and all."

Nate: 1, Best Buy: 0.

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