Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today was the day we've been waiting for. The Wombats came home from the hospital. After nine days in the NICU the doctors gave htem both the green light to leave the care of their well-trained nurses and return home with their incompetent parents.

Jen and the Wombats Leave the Hospital with Nurse Kathy

It was sad to bid adieu to the amazing staff at the hospital who not only took care of our babies but taught us a tremendous amount over the past nine days. I can't even imagine how parents leave the hospital with a baby that doesn't go to the NICU. How do they know anything? How do their babies even make it through the first night?

Martin in his Car Seat

It was a bit difficult getting them into their car seats for the first time. I'm pretty sure they both will now hate me for the rest of their lives after the ordeal.

Elliott & Martin in Their Going Home Outfits

The only thing that may make them hate me more is when I wrestled them into the going home outfits that Jen had bought for them. When she wasn't paying attention I whispered into their ears that it was their mommy's decision and that I supported dressing them in nothing but old potato sacks lined with used socks.

It didn't work. They still hate me.

Lauren with The Wombats

Aunt Lauren, unfortunately, had to fly back home after their first full day with us. This left Jen and I with the babies, unattended, for nearly three hours. This was some pretty scary stuff so I left after about an hour to go to the car dealership and finalize the purchase of our new car. This could be viewed as an escape except that I think I'd rather change one hundred poopy diapers than spend even ten minutes going through financing options.

I felt weird about calling them 'poopy diapers' until I spent so much time with the doctors and nurses in the NICU. They threw around the term 'poopy diapers' constantly. At first it was a little worrying. It would be like if your mechanic told you that the problem with your car was that the 'whatsit went boom boom.'

Grandma with the Wombats

After our few hours of scary alone time with the babies Grandma arrived and we could breath a sigh of relief. It had been nearly ten hours and so far the babies still seemed to be doing okay.

Zucchini Fritters

We didn't really have much in the way of food. I haven't gone grocery shopping in about a week and I was left to make do only with what the farm share had to offer.

I made these zucchini fritters by julienning some zucchini, potato, and red onion. I tossed it together with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, hot sauce, flour, parsley, green onion, and dill. After it sat for a bit I fried them up in some olive oil and butter.

I made a little sauce out of mayonnaise, whole grain mustard, relish, and hot sauce. As I previously stated, there was not much in the fridge.

Green Flash Trippel

And, finally, I had this Trippel from Green Flash Brewing Co. I figure this may be my last opportunity to savor a really nice beer in a while. I could be wrong but I don't think I am. Things are about to get very different and the opportunity I have to slowly sip a beer may begin to dwindle. As long as my mother-in-law is here I will try to enjoy a beer here and there.

Or maybe I'll just do it at 3:00 AM while I'm feeding the babies.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the babies home, and also on your new car. Your post reminded me that we did the same thing when Laura was born - after one trip with the car seat, we went out and bought the first of our 3 Chrysler minivans. Those three cars took us through the next 23 years, long enough to move both kids back and forth to college more times than we care to remember. What a short time it really is, from car seat to college.
- Lynn

Unknown said...

So THAT was the beginning of the Chrysler minivan! It makes sense. We thought about minivans but couldn't quite bring ourselves to them just yet.

I'm sure we'll own two by 2015.