Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Visit, The Walk, The Pose

As we thought a few weeks ago it is hard to remember back to what our life was like then. It's weird to think that even at the beginning of July we had a life that was so wildly different from our life now that it bears almost no resemblance to how we are currently living.

The Wombats Asleep

Look at them. So precious. So innocent. How can two little guys possibly destroy one's spirits the way they did to their father last night?

I'm not sure but they certainly did. Last night was a never-ending battle of feeding, spitting up, wetting through diapers, fussing, and crying that was not to be believed. It resulted in Jen and I taking shifts (or as I call them, "Shifts of Misery) where one of us slept and the other tended to their copious needs.

Why were they such trouble?

Nana STIM & Martin, Grandpa Butch & Elliott

It could have been the visit from their Nana STIM and Grandpa Butch yesterday. They must have been so worked up and overjoyed by the visit that they were up all night celebrating the all day party in their honor.

Grandparents at 75% Power

With grandparent power at 75% power yesterday it was a pretty big day for the guys.


Joel Gott 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

While the babies slept the adults enjoyed pizza, wine, and conversation (mostly about babies).

Le Tour de Beaudry 2012 Results

After the night from hell I got a small window of sleep from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and stumbled into the living room to watch the final day of the Tour de France. Jen, as predicted, has solidly routed me and my cousins in our fantasy league.

Grandma and Mommy on The Wombats' First Walk

After watching the Tour conclusion we took the boys out on their first ever stroller jaunt around the neighborhood. They spent 100% of the time asleep so, in that regard, it was a very successful trip. Undoubtedly there will be trips in the future that we wish went this smoothly.

Crappy Leftover Dinner

I don't really know why I bother bringing up dinner anymore but through force of habit I feel I should mention that tonight's dinner was not really too inventive. I suspect this will be a common theme in the coming months. All we really had was leftover Caesar salad from last night's pizza, reheated spaghetti with meat sauce, leftover zucchini crusted cod, and some caprese salad from the other night.

Martin & Elliott (2 Weeks Old)

After dinner we celebrated the boys' two week birthday with cupcakes from the new bakery down the street along with party hats made by Jen. Luckily it took absolutely no work at all to pose the boys for their birthday picture. This was a completely candid and unstaged photo.

Well, if they're going to keep us up all night we should at least have unlimited rights to pose them in whatever stupid positions we see fit.

That, after all, is the parental privilege.

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