Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Veal Tenderloin is for Lovers

Tonight was Wednesday. Humpday. Just another tough stop midway through the slog of the normal workweek. However, since I have stopped having a dreadful desk job (nearly ten years ago) this means little to me. Even on a Wednesday, after busting my hump all day at work, there's always time to make something for dinner. Rachael Ray needs 30 minutes. I need closer to 45 because I don't have anyone slicing and dicing for me (or doing my hair and makeup).

To start off I made this salad complete with pumpernickel and smoked salmon hors d'oeuvres with sliced avocado and cream cheese. The salad portion was just some mixed greens with olive oil and lemon.

The real reason I made this was because of the packaging for this pumpernickel bread. Look at these two on the package. That's true love. I hope that one day Jen and I can know love like this. I figure if we eat enough pumpernickel it will eventually happen.

For dinner I was excited to acquire some veal tenderloin, a cut of meat I have never actually seen before, let alone cook. Since it's basically like a beef tenderloin (except about 1/7 the size) I applied the same techniques I would use to make beef tenderloin except 1/7 as much. The results were fantastic!

I seared it and roasted it very quickly in the oven. After I removed it from the pan I toasted a little garlic and sauteed some spinach in the pan. I also boiled some Yukon Gold potatoes then drained them, added a little butter, olive oil, and Parrano cheese and mashed them together. This was perhaps the best mashed potato concoction I have ever made.

For an accompaniment to the dinner I served myself a Ten Penny Ale Reserve from Olde Burnside Brewing Company. It was fantastic. I had been anticipating this so I poured it into a brandy snifter because, apparently, I am an asshole.

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