Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Tale of Three Monks

One thing I love is finding a theme for a meal. No theme is too forced, too ill-conceived, or too baffling for me to give a try. Tonight's meal is no different.

Meet Mr. Monk . . . fish. Some people hate monkfish because of its texture and its disgusting appearance which is similar to that of a hideous demon from hell.

Fair enough. I hate it because it is a huge pain to clean. It is actually one of my favorite fish in general. Since I was lucky enough to have a fishmonger agree to clean it for me it made cooking it this evening a pleasure.

I halved the remaining radishes in the fridge, roasted them in the oven with some garlic, shallots, and olive oil, then did the same with the monkfish. I served it all over mustard greens which I prepared the same way.

Meet Monk . . . brewed beer. Chimay blue label was the last variety in the fridge, the remnants of a Christmas gift to me. I've had approximately one Chimay a month, savoring it along the early parts of 2011.

Those of you that know me know that I am partial to beer brewed by monks. Most monks live in Belgium (well, the beer-brewing sort do) and Belgian-ness is another quality I look for in a beer.

Monks know their beer. They also know their fish. One other thing they know is . . .

Meet Mr. Monk . . . just Mr. Monk. What better way to enjoy this monk-themed meal than by watching some episodes of Monk? This is arguably Tony Shalhoub's finest role and a great way to enjoy any meal.

Okay, this is a lie. We didn't actually watch Monk this evening. I did, however, stage this photo when I got home from work as I continued to test out my new flash transmitter which (as you can tell) I am still not very adept at using.

What does this say about me that I did this? No need to comment.

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