Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roast Cod is Better Than Appendicitis

Yesterday was supposed to be a night for making roast cod loin. Instead it ended up with an unexpected trip to the hospital and being tested for appendicitis! Instead of dinner I had two tall glasses of disgusting Crystal Light with red dye in them (more dye than usual, that is). Contrary to what you might think that was not as much fun as as staying home and roasting cod loin.

Tonight I decided to stay in and avoid CAT scans all together. Since I'd foregone a decent meal I rummaged through the fridge to see what I could do with this cod.

I felt much better so I pan-roasted the cod loin and served it over escarole which I braised with garlic and garbanzo beans. Why garbanzo beans? Because I didn't have a more appropriate bean handy. I would have preferred cannelini beans but that wasn't in the cards. It wasn't in the cupboard either.

To accompany the cod I opened this bottle of white wine from our trip to Michigan in 2009. It was the white table wine from Contessa Wine Cellars.

But that was just dinner for Jen. Since I'd gone through a great deal of abdominal strife yesterday I made myself . . .

. . . a pile of toast.

I don't normally post recipes here but I know a lot of you will be wondering how I did this:

2 slices of any kind of bread you like
1 amount of your favorite butter

Method of Preparation:
1.) Cut bread to desired thickness.
2.) Place slices into a toaster at desired darkness setting.
3.) Remove from toaster but only after the toaster pops up. (Note: If you see smoke coming out of the toaster remove your bread sooner.)
4.) Apply butter to hot toast using a butter knife.
5.) Eat while watching someone else eat some cod loin.

Email me if you have any questions!

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