Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skirting the Issue

Today was a glorious continuation of yesterday's virtuous move through our kitchen stores.

We had set aside the ingredients for lunch yesterday when we cleaned out our freezer. It was pretty much everything we were tired of having in there: a single pork medallion left over from Jen's Rockin' New Year's Eve Dinner, some frozen potato samosas, some frozen naan, leftover salad with buttermilk ranch dressing from last night, a cheddar scallion biscuit from Shrove Tuesday, and some Major Grey's mango chutney.

Out of the Grey family Major Grey has got to be my favorite. He's far better than his asshole cousin Earl Grey and his lousy, lousy tea.

For salad I put together what I called "Pepperoni Pizza Salad" which is not particularly accurate nor does it sound very appealing. I took all the leftovers from last night, the leftover pepperoni, mozzarella, broccolini, radishes, ice berg lettuce, and buttermilk ranch dressing and combined them all together.

The result was better than you would think. Even if was terrible I wouldn't have cared because it would have gotten all that crap out of the fridge.

For the main course Jen and I split up. Jen stayed inside and made cauliflower with cheese sauce while I went out into the freezing cold to grill up a skirt steak. At 25°F this evening I should probably have worn something warmer than a T-shirt. What I did was flip the steak then run into our basement and read a copy of Vogue magazine from November of 2010 about Marilyn Monroe's lost diaries. Then I dashed back outside, flipped the steak, and ran back in to learn about how Paul Newman was a film icon. I learned a lot this evening about grilling in the chilly spring air and, indeed, about myself.

Jen makes this cheese sauce fairly often but this was undoubtedly her finest batch yet even though we were completely out of Worchestershire sauce. It was a true triumph which went beautifully with the skirt steak. And then later with some bread.

For beer I had this Session Lager from Full Sail Brewing. Lager is one of my least favorite types of beer but here's a quick fact about me: I'm a sucker for anything that is packaged in a little squat bottle like this. I'd buy deer urine if it was packaged in a little jug-like bottle like this. I just probably wouldn't drink it. Unless it was a really cool little bottle!

As far as lagers go this was quite good. It may have had more to do with the food than the lager (as is often the case with this type of beer) but I will remember it fondly nonetheless.

The deer urine, on the other hand, takes some getting used to.


Nico S. said...

I feel the exact same way about the beer. The lager part and the fat little bottle part. I guess that makes Red Stripe on the top of my list.

Unknown said...

Yeah, if Red Stripe came in a normal-style bottle I don't think anyone would buy it. As is it's just FUN to drink!

uberlours said...

Many years ago, probably when you both were wee bairns the only bottle that any beer was avaialble in in that land known as Canada was the "stubbie".
Then Labatt's bought the rights for Budweiswer and civilization as we knew it ceased to be.
Budweiswer is that bad,

Unknown said...

Stubbies! They need to bring that back!