Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Vegetables of Yesterweek

Tonight I wasn't going to let a complete lack of vegetables ruin the beginning of our seventh week of the farm share this season. If life gives you lemons you make lemonade! If life gives you lemons but you don't get there in time to pick them up then . . . well . . . you don't make lemonade. But, you make something equally as good with whatever you can find in the fridge! (Feel free to use that quote!)

The AeroGarden is gettin a tad bit unruly. I am worried that one night I may return home to find a miniature pickup truck broken down in the front of it.

Tonight I started off by making this slaw out of napa cabbage following my latest trend of not sticking with solely Asian recipes for Asian vegetables (see here). I tossed it with horseradish, shallots, dijon, cider vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and sliced grape tomatoes with sliced scallion and basil.

For the main course: buttered turnips and potatoes with chives; roasted chicken breast, shallots, and celery; and steamed broccoli. Everything but the chicken and the chives (from my mother's garden) was from the farm.

The wine accompaniment was a sub $5 bottle so I won't even bother mentioning it. However, all told it was a very rewarding meal.

I hear rumors of a farmer's market on the Upper West Side. I may crash it this Friday to see if I can supplement my lack of vegetables for the week.

Is that like cheating on our farm share?


Sandy said...

Looks yummy. I've also heard, 'if life gives you lemons, find out who has the vodka." I think limes would be better though.

Unknown said...

Limes would definitely be better. I guess if life doesn't give you limes lemons will have to do.