Thursday, July 9, 2009

Duck Tales, Woo Hoo!

I only have two more nights to be able to cook this week so I needed to make the most out of the farm vegetables tonight and tomorrow.. Luckily (well, not actually lucky at all) the unprecedented rain and unseasonably cool weather has made our haul quite low -- so there's not that much to use up.

Tonight I started by serving up a little Capricho de Cabra on multiseed bread with a dab of that cherry preserve I made. I was not sure about the bread choice but it ended up being a great combination. Of course you could smear Capricho de Cabra on a moldy grasshopper and it would taste like heaven.

For a salad I used the tiny head of farm red leaf with a touch of Satur Farms spring mix, some sliced avocado, Connecticut grape tomatoes, some lemon, and olive oil.

I'm starting to think that I need to start my Space Phalanx stories back up with the way these salads are going lately. If it weren't for the feedback I received last time I ran the serial I would fire up a new episode right here.

Everyone's a critic!

For the main course I rendered some bacon, seared some duck breasts, and cooked up some collard greens with a little apple cider vinegar. I then made a quick creamy polenta with Parmigianno Reggiano, not sure if Jen loved or hated polenta. It turns out she loved it so it was a lucky turn of events.

For dessert we had some leftover angel food cake and whipped cream. We also watched the Tour de France and pretended that we hadn't had the race's outcome spoiled to us throughout the course of the day. That's the problem with a sporting event that is all wrapped up by 11:00AM every day while you're at work. Now that every professional cyclist is now on Twitter it makes it even more difficult to avoid than last year when no cyclists (or anyone for that matter) had even heard of Twitter.

It only takes a maximum of 140 characters to bring sadness to cycling fans in America.

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