Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lambs Eat Oats And We Eat Lamb

I heard a rumor that only people who follow our blog love us! What a shame if you think you love us only to find out that you actually don't because you're not following the blog.

That would be the most epically tragic tale I've ever heard.

I had a lot of elaborate plans for dinner rolling through my head all day but when I finally got home from work, spent 45 minutes driving around looking for a parking spot, did an ungodly amount of dishes and took a shower I had about 15 minutes to make dinner before Jen got home.

This is the sad meal that resulted:

You know what wasn't tragic? Tonight's salad! Well, it was a little tragic. I used some of the leftover strawberry dijon dressing in the fridge with some leftover blueberries, greens, and sliced almonds.

I got these wonderful lamb tenderloins that I seasoned up with salt, black pepper, garlic, paprika, rosemary, mint, and thyme. After roasting some shallots, celery, leftover potato wedges, and squash from the farm I tossed them into the pan for a couple of minutes then served them up with the roasted vegetables.

Tomorrow I may do something halfway inventive with the farm vegetables that are left. It will be my last dinner for a while as there will be a number of late nights and holidays lined up for me this weekend. So making something inventive will use up the vegetables before they spoil and will keep me sane after making such a boring meal tonight. Still, tonight's meal is the definition of extravagance compared to the three consecutive nights I will have a plain turkey sandwich for dinner at work.

My culinary adventures always cease at the opening of a brown paper bag.

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