Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Saddest Day

This week's farm share pickup can most easily be summed up by the following picture:

Yeah. I guess I misread the pickup email. I thought that the hours were from 4:30PM to 7:30PM. Apparently the pickup only goes until 7:15PM and volunteers are to stay until 7:30PM. Of course, this is probably not accurate since I rounded the corner at about 7:29PM and this is what I saw.

I was under the impression that after the share they left some of the remaining vegetables bagged for pickup. Apparently this was not the case. Apparently they also high tail it out of the area with a quickness.

I was quite shocked. There wasn't so much as a spare pea left behind after this week's farm share. It was a sad walk back home with no vegetables to speak of. Looks like I'll be hitting the reserve cache in the crisper for the remainder of this week's meals.

Who knows what marvels would have awaited us this week. I think I'll just assume it would have been a terrible assortment due to the horrible weather we've had all week.

It probably would have been like six radishes and a rotten potato. I don't think we really missed that much at all.


Patrice said...

I'll bet there was nothing but a big bag of cucumbers!

Sandy said...


uberlours said...

I'm confused. If you pay for x amount of weeks of the farm share and you do not receieve a week's worth of veggie, hopefully you get soome money back.

Jen said...

Well, the responsibility of picking up the vegetables lies wholly with the shareholder -- so no, if you don't pick them up in the time alloted, you don't get a refund. If they hadn't brought any vegetables at all, that might be a different story.

uberlours said...

That is bizarre. How do they divide up the produce in the first place? If x amount of people are in the share, then I would assume that there are x more or less equal bags made up. Miss the apponted time, your bag gets left there. It might get stolen, but at least it is left there.

The way you describe ir, sounds like if you are first in line you can pretty much score whatever you want.