Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Salmon Soup for the Soul

Today marked the sixth week of our second farm share season. Unseasonably cold July weather and immense amounts of rain combined to give us another slightly small pickup. This is probably a good thing considering that recent business on our part has led to a significant backup of vegetables in the kitchen. Currently there are seven cucumbers in the fridge which is about ten more than I'd like to see.

Week six's pickup included: beets, broccoli, arugula, napa cabbage, spring onion, cucumbers, scallions, cilantro, lettuce, and peaches.

Last night (for unknown reasons) I barely slept, broke out in a slight fever, and had a very upset stomach. This means that all day I've felt like a pile of crumbs. It could have been last night's insane bachelor madness catching up with me. I lost count but I must have had at least one beers!

Tonight I needed something a little lighter so I used up some of last week's bok choy. I sauteed them in a little sesame oil and sliced up some salmon with a little tamari and rice wine vinegar. I made a quick miso broth with a little green chili paste and combined the two with some sliced scallions. The presentation in this photo is a little lacking because I was so eager to sit down that I ate half the bowl before I remembered to take a picture.

The soup was just the thing I needed after a long day of feeling icky and spending most of it either soaking wet or damp from my assorted walks through the rain.

As I prepare for a trip home to Rhode Island this weekend I'm wondering if I may need to take some of these vegetables home with me so they don't go to waste.

Some people bring their mom flowers. Others bring their moms seven cucumbers.


Sandy said...

I hope your father feels like a lot of cucumbers because you know my opinion on them. You must have gotten it from me!

Unknown said...

Yeah, cucumbers are no good. Dad and Jen can eat them for three meals a day and we'll have some real food.

Roger said...

Hooray, cucumbers