Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scotty Does . . . Eat Vegetables

Today was promising to be snowy day so I headed out early with my good friend Scott to pick up the third month of our winter farm share. We headed out in early morning just as the snow was beginning to fall.

This month we got blue potatoes, apples, pears, salad greens, kale, carrots, beets, turnips, onions, and garlic.

Scott, the drummer of rock bands Scotty Don't and Badfish, was visiting because we were fortunate enough to win a contest. As the winners of the "Win A Dream Dinner With The Drummer Of Scotty Don't" contest we were able to have Scott over for dinner and cook for him. This was a great honor. Earlier in the summer we'd won the "Have The Drummer For Badfish Be A Groomsman At Your Wedding" contest. Earlier in my life I'd also won the "Have The Drummer For Badfish Sit In The Seat In Front Of You In Fifth Grade" contest.

It's starting to look like some of these contests may have been fixed. I swear, I'm just lucky.

We started off with some cheeses (aged cheddar, Arina, and Danish Blue). We also had some Roogle wine. Scott, however, did not partake because he had to drive. Now, that's responsible rock and roll!

For the salad I used the mixed greens and cooked up some of the baby yellow beets. I also used a little goat cheese and pecans. Scott claimed to never have had a beet he liked before.

That's because he'd never had a beet cooked by me. My patented boiling technique is legendary.

I also made some "fried" calamari (actually baked) that were quite good served with a sauce I made out of mayo, ketchup, whole grain mustard, cider vinegar, hot sauce, salt, and pepper.

For the main course I simply boiled some of the blue potatoes and made a nice pan roasted pork tenderloin. The calamari sauce also worked well with the pork.

Before dinner we played a little Rock Band 2 where Scott, not impressed with the drums, did a solid job on the guitar. I think he may have learned a thing or two from my drum fills on "Chop Suey."

Then, after watching the Ras Trent video several times and giggling like a pack of little girls, Scott was on his way and our dream date was over.

Luckily I think we may be in the running to win the "Go To See Jesus Christ Superstar With The Drummer Of Badfish This April And Maybe Hang Out Too" contest. Wish us luck!

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