Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rock Shrimpster!

Last night we had a party. Well, more like an open house. People came in shifts and ate food, drank wine, and played Rock Band 2. The priority of these items tended to fall in the exact reverse of the order listed.

I would like to say that our menu for the party was chiefly inspired by the items of food that we were looking to cook. However, that statement would be false. While we didn't verbally acknowledge it I think we selected the items for our menu mainly based on what would be the quickest, easiest, and -- most importantly -- allow us the most time to play Rock Band 2.

Having very little to do we fired up the Wii pretty early and our band (which recently changed its name to "The Intrepid Bunyips" after a trademark dispute and subsequent bitter court battle) worked hard to generate 100,000 fans which, realistically, means we can make upwards of $60 per gig.

After several hours of rocking out our guests arrived and we had to provide them with food as promised. What a hassle!

We started off with a version of a dip we had at my cousin's house on Christmas day. It might have the greatest simplicity to ease of preparation ratio of anything I've ever made in my life. It's simply some cream cheese with some boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce but it's maybe the most delicious spread ever to accompany a cracker. Marvelous!

We also made pizza with shaved fennel and mozzarella. Yeah, that old hat.

After snacks the band Meow Meow Frijoles was born. We were a Dublin-based band that was able to buy a van and drive to Paris. That, you see, was all part of our rock and roll fantasy.

Tonight we had a great reprise of our shrimp dip as well as a mixed greens salad with shaved fennel, Arina goat cheese, and tabouli.

Jen used the meat which we'd intended for our tourtière to make Swedish meatballs. They were quite delicious. Jen's goal was to have them be close to as good as the Ikea Swedish meatballs which, as we all know, is the gold standard for all Swedish meatball recipes.

We also had some more of the leftover pizza and some of the pate from New Year's Eve.

Then Jen hid behind a plant. The perfect end to a perfect evening!

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