Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Night, Hot Stew, New Words!

With temperatures dipping down into the single digit numbers, today was thought by many to be the coldest of the year. At least in New York City. Our radiator which we've only used twice in four-and-a-half years, was very slow to start this afternoon so it was a great day to make something which required the oven to be on for many hours. That something was Osso Bucco.

First off we had a salad with the remainder of our farm greens, some red onion, and some pecans. For dressing I used the remainder of the yogurt dressing that Jen had made the other day. There were about two tablespoons in a gigantic bowl in the fridge so it served a dual purpose of being delicious and getting that damn bowl out of the fridge.

I cooked the Osso Bucco for about three hours using some remaining turkey stock and turnips, carrots, onion, and parsnips from the farm. When it's eight degrees out there is nothing quite as delicious as some steaming hot stewed meat. I just wish I had cooked it some sort of cast iron cauldron. Sort of like the one Yoda had on Dagobah, except the stew would invoke a more positive from the Luke character (i.e. Jen).

Somehow I feel like I lost control of that last paragraph. Let's continue!

The wine I used in cooking the Osso Bucco (and in drinking with dinner) was a wine called Archetype. It even said on the front of the bottle: "Archetype: the quintessence of shiraz." This wine thought of everything! It even had a dictionary definition of the word archetype on the back label just in case I didn't know what that word meant! If I hadn't read the back label I would have assumed that archetype meant: a poor example of shiraz that is actually 51% cabernet. I think I may keep the bottle for this one so I have a reference in case I forget what the word archetype means.

I like a wine that teaches you vocabulary.

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