Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Revolution. HEALTH Revolution!

Attention, Veg-adies, and Veg-entlemen! Tonight the phoenix of our holiday eating and somewhat indulgent diets exploded in a glorious multi-colored flame only to be reborn as a health conscious, quasi-hypocritical phoenix of lofty goals and expectation for the new year.

Did I go too far with that metaphor? That might have been a meta-five. ZING!

I used up the rest of the mixed greens in our fridge in conjunction the remaining mozzarella and the leftover cilantro chutney from last night's Indian take out. I wasn't sure if this was going to work but it was actually quite delicious. A few almonds on top of the salad really finished it off.

I poached some sole fillets in white wine, lemon, bay leaf, salt, pepper, a touch of hot sauce, salt, pepper, and a little Old Bay seasoning. I steamed the broccoli, boiled and mashed the butternut with salt and pepper, and baked a potato. The butternut from the farm was quite delicious. Jen wished that she was a baby so that she could eat lots of it. I'm not sure why she can't do the same as an adult.

After dinner Jen crunched the numbers to discover that the total caloric value for the meal was 430 calories.

To accompany our dinner we made some white wine spritzers. Jen's logic is that if you add a lot of sparkling water to some white wine it's like you get to drink more wine!

Now we just have to figure out a way to add seltzer water to chocolate fudge. I'm going to get into my culinary lab and get to work on that.

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